Our teaching philosophy can be summed up in a single yet powerful quote:

Learning a language involves, for our students, challenges to their cognitive abilities, their self-esteem and, frequently, their social skill. It is a ‘courageous process’. It is thus vitally important to know how our learners feel, what they need and what helps them to be successful. Such knowledge is half the secret of how to be a good teacher!

- Jeremy Harmer

Pride in your Success

We know the challenges involved in overcoming language barriers. This is why we feel great pride every time our students excel and exceed our expectations.

Real World Tasks

Our learning techniques take your every day experiences and convert them into personalized lessons.

Unique Approach

Through our unique teaching methods, we enable our students to learn Russian fast so that they can progress their ability to learn to speak Russian while simultaneously improving their grammar.

learn Russian in 30 days!

If you prefer to study on your own time, then check out our new Russian language training book to help accelerate your progress (Launching summer 2018).

Learning Material

Lessons include a wide array of instructional techniques, instructional media, and technological tools—including hand-outs, presentations, videos, online activities, and Russian language laboratory assignments—to help students develop their language abilities.


Improve your grammar and vocabulary levels through written and interactive activities.


Learn on your own terms. We are flexible about the place and time, and about the what and how you want to study.

Individualized Plans

We create individualized, targeted plans and programs on how to learn Russian in order to facilitate learning, and stimulate students’ enjoyment for the Russian language and culture.


Basic Russian lessons for beginners incorporates school philosophies, regulations, and learning assessments into each lesson, ensuring allowance for creativity and flexibility.

Woman teacher and girl student reading a Russian book seated at a desk

Russian language lessons for kids

Raising bilingual kids is a wise investment that will pay off throughout their lives. Kids are quick learners and it never seizes to amaze on how quickly they can absorb a new language. This is why it is especially important that they maintain their own native language while in another country.

Although there are many schools in Canada where your kids can learn Russian, sadly enough, many of them approach teaching kids Russian in a broad and systematic manner without focusing on them individually.

Having a personal Russian language teacher makes the learning process easier to acquire and joyful to experience because each Russian language lesson focuses on your kids' unique learning style and fluency level.

Lessons for young learners include:

Introduction to Russian Literacy

Each student is evaluated based on their current fluency level in order to prepare customized materials that are best suited for them individually.

Lesson Pricing:

Private Lessons

on location

via Skype

1 child

Semi-Private Lessons

on location

via Skype

2 children

Group Lessons

on location

via Skype

3 or more children
Additional Info:
  • Prices are per hour
  • Prices may vary based on location
  • Choose your time and location (i.e. library of choice)
A group of Adult students seated at a table learning the Russian language

Russian language lessons for adults

Russian as a Second Language (RSL) is designed to suit almost all needs and interests.

This language course is geared towards individuals that want to learn how to speak Russian for future business or leisure trips to Russia or simply someone who would like to learn Russian fast as a second language.

Common topic lessons for adult learners include:

All about me
My family

Starting from the very basic concepts, you will gradually move to more complex ones such as grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

Lesson Pricing:

Private Lessons

on location

via Skype

1 adult

Semi-Private Lessons

on location

via Skype

2 adults

Group Lessons

on location

via Skype

3 or more adults
Additional Info:
  • Prices are per hour
  • Prices may vary based on location
  • Choose your time and location (i.e. library of choice)

New Book

Learn Russian in 30 days Book

Learn Russian in 30 days

For Adults and Children

Enthralling thematic lessons for daily use

by: Antonina Khachatryan

Learn Russian in 30 days For Adults and Children is one of the best Russian textbooks for beginners. It features a variety of unique material geared towards every type of learner. A high-quality textbook that immerses you in authentic Russian while providing the structure you need to absorb and memorize lessons. The pages contain an excellent mix of information and practice lessons. The topics are interesting and relevant to students' lives and oriented towards real-world communication. Here you will find great activities and optional writing exercises that can be assigned for homework. It also has a simple grammar and vocabulary section.

Whether you need help getting started, are advancing beyond your current level, or you simply don’t have the time nor the funds to invest into lessons, then it may be a good time for you to consider buying this Russian language textbook to help you on your learning journey!

Available Now!

Buy The Book
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Russian language teacher Antonina Khachatryan

Antonina Khachatryan

About the Teacher

Nina has more than 10 years of experience teaching Russian to kids and adults that span many private schools and educational centres, including Roots Education and Prestige schools across Toronto and the GTA, while also teaching as an ECE teacher for several years.

Nina has been a leading figure in the planning and continual improvement of Russian language classes which has resulted in measurable language progression among her students.

By teaching students from a wide range of backgrounds and learning styles, she has honed her communication, creativity, and motivational skills.

Additionally, her inherent passion for the Russian language and culture has fostered exciting and engaging classes that have successfully encouraged and developed thoughtful and enthusiastic students.

All Nina's lessons are devised to be fun, engaging and student-focused.

Highlights of Qualification:

  • Master’s Degree in Russian Language Arts
  • Degree in Pedagogy and Linguistics
  • Current TDSB Teaching Credentials

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